Capture your own Zombies. Use this secret technique to explode your sales

We will show you how to capture your audience using our secret technique in Digital Marketing

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Hye there… Business builders

There is one story worth telling about a small marketing agency that can deliver up to 300 clients’ campaign ads within 2 years.

Yes, you got it right, welcome to our story.

We started in a small room with just two people. Hence, as you can imagine, there were a lot of struggles.

The most important issue is that we can’t tap our own zombies (Yes, we are calling a bunch of hard-earned and loyal clients as zombies, sue us). They don’t care about our ads as zombies are in fact zombies. They only care about getting fresh red meat at the end of the day. Therefore, our boring, lame ads failed to capture their attention.

We struggled with the headhunting process and at one point we had to sacrifice our limb to get to every networking seminar we can get our hands-on. Every single time, my business partner and I brought out our fortune business cards, you know the one with a stack of cards enclosed within a small plastic box to deliver to everybody, and making sure there were all given out so that we can order a new one next week. If we’re lucky, we’ll get one prospect. In the first year of operation, we only managed to close five clients.

The struggle is real

That got us to think, that even when we dress right and smell nice. There is no hot zombie in a red dress clung to our bodies. Not even a glance. We thought about the way we approached potential clients. All those small talks, Starbucks, and late-night meetings were not fruitful. And it all comes down to one simple fact, and that is they don’t know us and simply, they just don’t care!

Afterwards, we spent almost 90% of our money and time to study, research, and test out the best techniques and strategies in marketing.
Voila! what we found is the real deal…!
We started the social media game, run dynamic ads to capture different segments of market buyers. Collecting and refining databases. Targeting the hot market audience through Google Ads. Enriching powerful content to deliver trust and goodwill, and applying the secret handbook of digital marketing. Our revenues increased tremendously ⬆️⬆️⬆️, we obtained so many deals to a point even we have to stop accepting new clients… These changes not only reflect our sales but more importantly, our clients’. They got to witness a significant jump by 2X, 3X, 4X, and have gotten as many as 5X more from what they originally spent! “Stop the ads, my team can’t handle it!We are not even kidding… The plan is a success.. that means, our technique is proven. And if we could capture our zombies, then we can help you to capture yours too… So, are you ready to double your sales in the next 90-days !?



Leads & Cost Per Leads

In a way to achieve our big goal. Our marketer will define performance ads are they reach it a correct audience and make sure every spent are worth it.


Data Analysis

After running a campaign, marketers will always alert if anything happens with ads performance and come out with the suggestion to improve client sales.


Consultation from the expert

To be relevant in the market, we must be alert when there is a new behavior/trend fits our ideal customer, such as innovation for creative material or efficient platform for our products.


Conversion Rate Optimization

We carry out a series of test to evaluate ads performance in order to get quality leads at the best price as we scale the ad's budget.

Leads generation

We Do the Heavy Lifting For You


Who are your ideal customers/ Future fans for your product?

Leave it to us, to find out. We will breakdown all data to examine your ideal customer by their behaviour, interest, and a few secret techniques from Underads


After we collect data about the ideal customers, we will produce copywriting based on their linguistic tone in order to make it more relatable. Make it sounds friendly and relevant for the targeted audience to comprehend.


If you hire an advertising agency, how do you consider their job as perfect?

YES! BY THEIR REPORTS!. That’s how we deliver our job every single time! This ensures our marketers to be on high alert regarding ads performance.


Every action should align with the campaign objective. How do we ensure this? Before we proceed with running ads, all ideas and planning will be evaluated to determine relevant priority and goals.

Know the Secrets to Capture Audience Attention in 2021

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Understanding the right copywriting structure that highlights products features through strong points and eye-capturing headlines.


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