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The Consistent Goal

If you are planning to achieve 1,000,000,000 sales per month/year, believe me, we will set it as our own goals. Let’s Make It Happen!!!


Marketing Director 

From the Director's Desk

A lullaby of digital marketing.. there’s so much more in it. Our world is not the same as 30 years ago. Right now, we are living in two worlds participated by the same poe… a real-world and a digital world. People love to spend their time much more in the digital world than in the real world. This is your benefit to capture them in their own lullaby, but you need to remember this word, “they only care about themselves!”. This is where your stories are important to show them what they get with your business.


Managing Director 

A bunch of enthusiastic & creative-minded people

A bunch of enthusiastic
& creative-minded people

Our Team

Nik Imran

Head of Operation

Fiqri Mustafa

Head of Marketing

Amir Hakim


Head of Business Growth

Najmi Mahyiddin

Senior Digital Marketer

Balqis Ali



Muhaimin Jinnizan

Creative Designer

Alia Nordin

Campaign Manager

Syukri Mamat


Safira Sallahudin

Junior Content Curator

Ehsan Hassan


Junior Digital Marketer

Hani Hashim


Khair Naqib

Junior Digital Marketer

Ammar Azmi

Junior Search Engine Marketer

Izzatul Fuad


We’re Hiring

Open positions.

  • Set specific marketing goals
  • Design and implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets
  • Develop digital campaigns to increase web traffic
  • Analyze result campaign effectiveness
  • Study current market trends
  • Research market to identify new opportunities
  • Generate innovative ideas to promote the brand and products.
  • Liaise with internal teams and ensure brand consistency

Have what it takes to join our team?

Send us your resume and portfolio, we will be happy to review them